Globally there are a number of Certification regimes in place, the majority of which are location / regionally specific.  The first of these to be recognised we the European EN13432 – 2000 certification regime for compostable products.  This was followed by the North American ASTM D6400 – 2004 and the Australasian AS4736.  Each of these standards are similar in coverage but have region specific requiremental differences and management programs.  The most widely recognised management programs for EN13432 – 2000 are provided by either TUV Vincotte (Austria) {Ok Compost} or Din Certco (Germany) ({Seedling Logo}.  The ASTM D6400 – 2004 (BPI) program is provided by Biodegradable Products Institute in the USA and the AS4736 program is provided by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) {Australasian Seedling Logo}.

Because We Care is the holder of a wide variety of certifications issued by these organisations and provides access to them for clients that it manufactures products for.

Other certification regimes in place the Because We Care participates in include {OK Compost Home & 4 Star Bio-based Product} (TUV Vincotte){Europe} BNQ 0017-988 {Canada} and AS5810 – 2010 Home Compost {Australasia}