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Because We Care Leading the push for change in Jilin China

29 Jan 2015 -

Because We Care Pty Ltd has commenced production in its new manufacturing plant in Changchun City, Jilin Province China.   Jilin Province (Pop: 28 Million People) which banned the use of plastic retail bags, take away food containers and disposable cutlery in January has begun an education and enforcement program of its new environmental regulations with the appointment of both a number of approved suppliers and by a program of regular visits to retailers by the retail management bureau to ensure that retailers and customers clearly underst...

Because We Care Pty Ltd open new manufacturing facility in Jilin Province China

8 Jan 2015 -

Because We Care Pty Ltd, one of the world’s pre-eminent manufacturers of Biodegradable and Compostable products has announced the commencement of production at its new manufacturing facility in Changchun City, Jilin Province China. Jilin Province with a population of around 28 Million is well know globally, for its clear skies and beautiful vistas and is the first province in China to completely ban the single use plastic shopping bag. To align with the requirements of the new legislation which bans the sale of plastic bags, food containers...

Because We Care Pty Ltd introduces Europe to The Botanic Bag™ and BF90A

11 Apr 2014 -

Because We Care recently exhibited its wide range of Biodegradable and Compostable products at the world’s largest Rubber and Plastics Industry trade fair in Dusseldorf Germany.  K Fair 2013 at Messes Dusseldorf encompassed 168,000 square metres of net exhibition space in 19 exhibition halls five of which had at least three floors and in excess of 3,000 exhibitors. Quite a challenge for a first time Aussie exhibitor, but all in all, one that went exceptionally well.  With a range of visitors from all over Europe, the Middle East, Indian Sub...

News Article about Because We Care in Renew Magazine

21 Dec 2012 -

 Thanks to Renew Magazine for the mention in the products section of its latest issue!

 Have a read here.

Plastic Bag Free Queensland Luncheon

22 Nov 2012 -

Recently we attended a Plastic Bag Free Queensland Luncheon. The event was run by the Queensland Conservation Council to discuss the detrimental effect that lightweight non-compostable plastic bags have on our environment. The event brought together community and business leaders to discuss how retailers and the state of Qld as a whole can start to tackle the problems related to traditional non-compostable lightweight shopping bags. They also intended to provide support to community leaders and groups to become Plastic Bag Free Communities ...

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