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Because We Care Leading the push for change in Jilin China

29 Jan 2015 -

Because We Care Pty Ltd has commenced production in its new manufacturing plant in Changchun City, Jilin Province China.   Jilin Province (Pop: 28 Million People) which banned the use of plastic retail bags, take away food containers and disposable cutlery in January has begun an education and enforcement program of its new environmental regulations with the appointment of both a number of approved suppliers and by a program of regular visits to retailers by the retail management bureau to ensure that retailers and customers clearly understand what the new requirements are and why they have been implemented.

The education program includes regular daily articles in the news papers in all languages (see below from China People’s Daily)

And news stories on both morning and evening television news programs.  The attached news report from CCTV1 in China covering the changes shows the retail authorities visiting retailers as part of their education and enforcement regime and shows some of the manufacturing undertaken at the new Because We Care Changchun facility. 


Changchun Because We Care Sign


Changchun Because We Care Factory