Who are our Customers



Who are our Customers

becausewecare™ is a developer and bespoke manufacturer of Biodegradable and Compostable resins and products for the global market.

We specialise in manufacturing to our clients specifications within the parameters of the various certifications that we hold.

As such we manufacture:

  • Waste disposal products (Waste Bin liners, Food Waste bags, Dog Waste bags & Nappy/ Diaper bags) for Government and local Government bodies and Retailers.
  • Retail Bags (Retail Carry Bags, Fresh Produce bags) for Retailers and distributors to the retail supply market.
  • Single use food preparation Gloves for the (Butchery, Food Preparation & Catering) high turnover Food handling industries
  • Fashion Bags (for the Clothing manufacture and Retailing industries)
  • Product Distribution Products (Satchels and Garment bags) for the Postal, Garment manufacturing and Retail industries
  • Garden Products (both Moulded and Non Woven Plant Pots) for plant propagation and plantation development