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Global eco-certifications

Globally, there are a number of product certifications that recognise levels of compostability. As bioplastics are not readily distinguishable from regular plastics, it is necessary to provide a mechanism ensuring their quality and labelling. 

A standardisation has been developed in various global regions to counteract misinformation about “green plastics” and confirm that the material conforms to standard compostability requirements. Many of these certifications are region-specific to cover localised requirements and bio-management programs. 

Because We Care Certifications

Because We Care products are not only certified home compostable (AS5810) and commercially compostable (AS4736) in Australia, but they also meet the standards for Europe and North America.

  • • AS4736 (2006) – Australasian Bioplastics Association Australian Standard. For commercial compostability levels.
  • AS5810 (2010) – Australasia. Home compost certified.
  • EN13432 (2000) – European Certification.
  • OK bio-based – Austria.
  • ASTM D6400 (2004) – Biodegradable Products Institute in North American.
  • BNQ 0017-988 (2010) – Standards Council of Canada.