Eco-Toxicity Testing

To improve the health of planet earth, it is extremely important that Because We Care’s compostable products live up to their lofty eco-promises.

Before being added to the range, each product undergoes rigorous environmental trials and tests to ensure no harmful toxins are released into the soil and there are no harmful effects on plant growth and germination once the bioplastics begin to decompose.

These comprehensive trials give businesses the confidence that the item they’re buying will decompose to the level it says it will.

An ISO 16929:2002(E) standard test method is used to ascertain the impact of Because We Care products on the environment. It works in the following way:

  1. A product is composted
  2. A toxicity test is performed on the resulting compost
  3. The result is compared with a control compost sample
  4. Two plant species are then grown under controlled conditions
  5. Both composts are mixed with garden potting mix
  6. They are examined under aerobic composting processes (in line with OECD 208 A and the evaluation criteria specified in AS4736-2006).

The results verified that Because We Care bioplastics have absolutely no harmful after-effects on the soil as part of the degradation process.

In fact, the presence of the composted product in the initial blend enhanced growth and biomass production.

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