What are heavy metals?

The oversaturation of heavy metals in the ecosystem is a big problem. Heavy metals are a selected group of metals which are toxic even at low concentrations.

Why heavy metal management is important

The environment is being polluted by excessive levels of chemicals running into waterways or being absorbed into the soils. This is largely due to the reckless disposal of waste and the use of agricultural farming products.

When plants are exposed to this, they can become stressed, which leads to cellular damage and disturbance. When we consume plants that have absorbed an abundance of heavy metals, it can cause health issues in both people and animals.

When manufacturing biodegradable and compostable items, Because We Care are extremely mindful that anything that is destined to return to the earth will not change the equilibrium of heavy metals that are naturally found in the soil.

There are strict limitations on the quantities and types of heavy metals that can be used in green products, and Because We Care are pleased to assure the entire range meets these requirements. 

Initially verified in the certification process, each product is also tested regularly by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute.

This continued testing ensures product constitution remains within the prescribed limitations and that what is being put back into the environment is not having any negative side effects.

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