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Eco-Friendly Postage Bags

Make your business distribution practices more sustainable by substituting traditional plastic courier bags with our eco-friendly postage bags. Available in a range of convenient sizes, our bags come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes to suit your specific requirements. After safely transporting items to their destination, our postage bags can be disposed of along with organic kitchen scraps into the home compost bin. With a recommended shelf life of 9 to 15 months, our compostable shipping bags can be trusted to get the job done with less impact on the earth.

Tough & Durable While in Use

Limit damage to the environment by switching from plastic mailers to eco-friendly postage bags. Created entirely from plant-based materials, our biodegradable mail satchels are made from corn starch and are printed using a non-toxic soy and water-based ink. Tough and durable, you can rest assured your bags (and the contents within) will arrive at its destination intact.

Postage bags can be made to order in any colour and with logos and branding to suit your business’ needs.

No Harmful Residue or Toxins

Our compostable shipping bags decompose quickly and leave no harmful residue or toxins behind in the soil. Certified for home and commercial composting, they can be safely reabsorbed by the earth after use. After removing any stamps or adhesives, simply dispose at a commercial facility or in a compost bin where they’ll break down in 90 or 180 days respectively.

Shop Sustainable Shipping Packaging

Make Because We Care your first choice for eco-friendly shipping bags and sustainable shipping packaging solutions. To find out more about what we can do and how we can support your business’s environmental goals, have a chat with our friendly team today.