Retail Checkout Bags


Compostable Plastic Retail Checkout bags in Australia

Today, the average person is the use of 200 plastic bags a year. This can add up to about 1000 plastic bags per family! Most of these are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) “singlet” style bags, made from petrochemicals.

The composite singlet of becausewecare ™ and production bags are as sturdy as regular plastic bags, and can also be reused as garbage bags and freezer bags. Your customers will not be able to tell the difference in strength and convenience, but seeing the printed information, they will certainly appreciate your move to a more sustainable alternative.

We also supply a variety of flat bags, quality box-style shopping bags for retail purposes and plastic clothing protectors for the laundries sector. All of these can be customized with the imprint of your company logo and text.

In addition, becausewecare ™ manufactures a wide variety of dog waste bags, waste bags and disposable diaper bags to meet all your conscious elimination needs. No problem, they can be easily decomposed and disappear as fast as fragments of food, improving the soil.

Ask us how you can reduce your plastic consumption. Send us a message today.

Custom style, size, print and thickness are available.

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Large Checkout Bags

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