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Biodegradable Bin Bags

Here at becausewecare™, we’ve developed a range of compostable waste bags specifically aimed at the compostable item market using BF90 series resin. With more than 100,000,000 biodegradable rubbish bags supplied to customers across the globe, becausewecare™ compostable trash bags are widely regarded as being at the top of the market for their compostability. Many composters nominate the BF90 series of compostable garbage bags as being the best of their kind.

Various Options for Biodegradable Compost Bags

becausewecare™ biodegradable compost bags are available in any colour scheme to suit a specific product type and disposal method. They can also be printed with our clients’ specific messaging. We recommend ranging the waste bags as either bin lift bags or hand lift bags, and additionally we can manufacture them as lawn and garden for those areas where this type of bag is a standard.

Suitable for Home, Office or Government Use

Biodegradable bin bags are versatile and a great practical step towards eco awareness whether it’s in the home, office or local government. Step up as leaders in the ecological movement in everyday ways such as teaching your children about composting, having a policy of using biodegradable rubbish bags in the office, or influencing a whole city council region to choose greener earth-friendly products.

Buy Conveniently Packaged Biodegradable Bin Bags Today

Our eco-friendly waste bin liners can be packaged for home use in rolls and small flat packs or bulk flat packed for the commercial cleaning and local government industries. Order biodegradable bin bags online now or call us on (03) 8851 6100.