Compostable PLA Straws

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Compostable PLA Straws


Because We Care Pty Ltd, PLA straws; are manufactured from plant starch based Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)  and are FDA certified specifically with the Plastic Straw replacement strategy in mind.  BWC PLA resin products are formulated and certified to be able to break down in a commercial composting process leaving no harmful residues and can be matched with PLA drinking cups and lids to provide an all-round environmentally friendly outcome for your business..  They perform as designed in their manufactured state; however as an added step in the composting process we recommend that they be shredded so that the composting process can be expedited.  Whilst not strictly necessary, this shredding process presents smaller pieces with a greatly enhanced area of edges for the microbes within the composting process to attack.

Because We Care’s current release is for clear and black straws; we are however open to other colours should the quantities meet out MOQ requirements.


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