Retail Checkout Bag

Why use compostable gardening bags?

  • Made from corn starch
  • Certified for European (EN13432), North American (ASTM D6400) and Australian home (AS5810) and commercial (AS4736) composting
  • Made with a KF90 or BF90 resin
  • Soy and water-based ink
  • Checkout bag specs:
    • 520mm x (300+100+2)mm
    • 35um thickness
  • Retail bag specs:
  • 406mm x (460+100+70)mm
  • 35um thickness
  • Customisable options available
  • Recommended shelf life of 9 to 15 months (depending on which resin is used)
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Ban the plastic grocery bag and offer customers a plant-based, compostable substitute.

Made entirely from corn starch, using a KF90 or BF90 resin, these easy-to-use bags are the same size as a standard supermarket shopping bag. High quality and strong, with convenient handles, they have been made to a standard thickness of 35um to support heavy shopping items without fear of bag breaking.

Designed with supermarkets, retail stores, local convenience stores and grocers in mind, these bags are ideal for businesses focused on reducing their environmental impact.

Fully biodegradable and certified compostable to meet international standards, these bags can be disposed of into a home or industrial composting facility. After use, your customers can throw the bag away along with their organic waste items. It will decompose within 180 days in a home compost bin or 90 days if sent to an industrial facility.

This product is made to order and can be customised to the specific size, colour and branding required by your business. Minimum quantities apply.

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 335 × 225 × 10 mm



Non woven


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