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Let’s look at the alternatives

Green Bags

‘Green Bags’ are made from polypropylene, a fossil fuel-based plastic. While they may be recyclable, most eventually end up in landfill. Even so, the ‘green bag’ has been very effective in reducing the number of plastic circulated. However, even with the best intentions in mind, sometimes you just forget! At these times consumers will either take a plastic bag or purchase another green bag that they do not need. 

Rather than just offering green bags to customers, why not offer an environmentally friendly plastic bag substitute for those who forget?

Or to be even more environmentally friendly, why not offer our new biodegradable and compostable non woven bag? The Botanic Bag, similar to our film bags are also certified to worldwide standards of compostability.

Paper Bags

Although paper bags are seen to be environmentally friendly, it takes four times the amount of energy to manufacture a paper bag compared to a compostable bag. In addition, the billions of cubic metres of timber consumed in the paper industry each year are not always plantation timber.

Additionally, paper may be biodegradable, but many paper bags are coated with a film that gives them a glossy finish. The addition of this gloss means that a paper bag will not completely break down at the end of its useful life.

Our compostable products are made with the starch extracted from third grade corn that is not suitable for human or animal consumption. In addition, corn unlike trees are grown and harvested in a single season.

Our soy based inks are also certified compostable so you can be sure that all parts of our bags will break down, not just some.

Calico Bags

Calico bags can be a reasonable substitute for green bags because of their sturdiness and reusability. However, calico bags are made from cotton, requiring vast amounts of water to grow.

becausewecare™ source the corn for our bio-resin from the Northern part of China where the high levels of natural rainfall means that it is not irrigation dependent.

If your business has started on the environmentally friendly path, do your research and feel free to contact us to discuss just how effectively you are meeting your intended purpose.