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Plant-based replacements for plastic

An environmentally conscious bioplastic manufacturer, Because We Care provides businesses with sustainable future-focused solutions. 

Developed in accordance with Australian and international standards, Because We Care are market leaders in eco-safe packaging, bags and personal protective equipment. The range uses high-quality plant-based materials and renewable resources and provides businesses with a viable replacement for everyday plastic.

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Why your business should make the switch

Global businesses rely heavily on plastic packaging and single-use items to keep things clean and protected. Any plastic used to contain, cover or carry customer orders will eventually be disposed of into landfill and remain there for hundreds of years.

The only way to reverse the damage caused by non-compostable plastics is to replace them with eco-friendly alternatives.

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Be a leader in sustainability

Become a frontrunner for positive environmental change in your industry by swapping everyday plastics for an environmentally sustainable substitute. 


Products are customisable and available in made-to-order quantities, enabling an easy transition away from traditional plastics.  

Fully certified, approved and tested, Because We Care’s versatile range helps corporations reduce their plastic consumption and minimise their carbon footprint. 

Incorporating these earth-certified products into your business is a small change you can make that will have a huge impact on the earth.

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Internationally certified range

Environmentally-minded from start to finish, Because We Care maintains a zero-waste mentality throughout the production process. 

The range meets stringent heavy metal requirements of compostable standards and their contents are verified regularly by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute

Awarded the highest possible bio-grading for the percentage of renewable raw materials used in products, Because We Care’s non-woven material is rated as four stars and maintains an exemplary OK biobased certification.

The first company in the world to meet the Australian Standard AS4736-2006  for compostability, Because We Care products are also approved to display the Australasian Seedling Logo as a certification from the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA).

In addition to the wide variety of eco-products made to order, Because We Care’s innovative resins are also available to businesses who wish to use them in their own products.

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