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Multi-Use Eco-Friendly Bags

Reduce the negative impact your business operations have on the environment by switching to reusable shopping bags for customer orders. If you’re seeking a more sustainable option than traditional single-use plastic bags, Because We Care offers a quality alternative without sacrificing versatility or durability. Switch to our reusable shopping bags and start minimising your business’ carbon footprint today.

Designed for a Multitude of Uses

Our shopping bags are designed for supermarkets, retail stores, convenience stores and grocers. An ideal bagging and packaging option for your customers, they can be used over and over again before finally being disposed of with organic compost. Our compostable multi-purpose bags are the same size as a standard supermarket shopping bag and can hold up to 10kg of weight.

Branded & Customise Options Available

Our mission is to encourage everyday eco-friendly practices by providing businesses and consumers with an easy way to go green.

Because We Care’s plant-based grocery bags are produced using a KF90 or BF90 resin, created from corn starch and printed with soy and water-based ink. These biodegradable shopping bags are certified to break down in both home and commercial composting environments and will degrade in as little as 90 days in an industrial facility.

Ask us about customising our multi-use eco-friendly bags to suit your company’s branding needs.

Multi-Use Tote Bags Shipped Worldwide

Because We Care shopping bags in Melbourne, Australia and Worldwide. For more details or questions about our products, contact us today by calling (03) 8851 6100 Alternatively, you can enquire online for a prompt and helpful reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most environmentally friendly shopping bag?

The most environmentally friendly shopping bag is one that’s durable enough to be reused repeatedly before being disposed of. Ideally, the bag will be made from biodegradable materials that naturally break down.