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Biodegradable Retail Bags

Are you a retailer looking for a sustainable, ecological alternative to single-use poly packaging? Our biodegradable retail bags are the same size as standard grocery bags. Easy to use, they feature convenient handles and are durable enough to transport heavy items without the risk of breaking. Whether you want compostable storage bags for clothes or other items, Because We Care can create a customised solution that suits your brand and specifications.

Reduce Dependence on Single-Use Plastics

Retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and grocers can significantly reduce their dependence on single-use plastic bags with our biodegradable shopping bags and other compostable retail solutions. Our products are made entirely from a cornstarch-based KF90 or BF90 resin, meaning they’re completely plant-based and non-toxic. This makes them an ideal alternative to plastic for businesses and consumers who want to minimise their impact on the environment.

Maintaining all the benefits of an easy to use, durable plastic poly bag, our eco-friendly alternatives can help shift demand away from the billions of non-compostable bags produced every year that end up in landfills. Certified compostable to meet international standards, our bags can be disposed of in a home, commercial or industrial composting facility.

Retail Packaging Supplies for small and medium businesses

There’s no better choice than Because We Care for high-quality, eco-friendly retail packaging supplies, including biodegradable shopping bags and more. Check out our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us to request more information.