How saying ‘No’ to plastic can benefit your business 


Innovations in bioplastics are revolutionising the way businesses operate. Viable replacements for everyday plastic items mean workplaces can move away from traditional packaging, bagging and shipping materials and toward more sustainable alternatives. 

By embracing these advancements in the eco-space and introducing a focus on sustainability across all business practices, it has the power to deliver long-term economic, social and ecological value.


1. Future-proofing business processes

To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to consider the bigger picture in all business decision-making. Adopting a culture of sustainability will set you up to thrive instead of stagnating by holding on to antiquated practices. Reducing your dependency on non-renewable resources will save costs in the long run when finite resources deplete and the cost of these goods increase as a result.  

Take steps toward sustainability by overhauling your current processes and operations. Set a date for 100% bioplastic use within your company and lay out a timeline to achieve this goal. Your plan could include the implementation of a sustainable procurement policy and commitment to only buying eco-friendly office supplies.

2. Lowering shipping costs by reusing packaging

Not only is single use packaging an expensive business practice, it also causes a big environmental problem. Half of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced globally each year is for single use items. This issue cannot be solved with recycling alone, so it’s imperative that businesses reduce their waste by committing to reuse packaging whenever possible. Collaborating with like-minded companies means product packaging can easily be reused for business-to-business applications. This establishes a plastic circular economy and allows both parties to take full advantage of the financial benefits. 

This minimises material costs and also reduces the amount of packaging required across the board. The environmental impact of this change can be amplified again by opting to use bioplastic packaging.  

3. Reducing your company’s eco-footprint.

Switching to bioplastic products is a positive move towards reducing greenhouse emissions. Made from renewable sources such as plants, vegetable oils and biomass, bioplastics are carbon neutral. That means there is no net increase in carbon dioxide when they break down.

Each time your business chooses bioplastics over single use packaging, it cuts down on the amount of landfill and carbon emission, helps to decrease your company’s eco-footprint and creates a greener supply chain.

4. Creating consumer loyalty

When it comes to customer longevity and acquisition, a sustainable business approach can increase long-term loyalty and trust in your brand.  

For consumers, it’s becoming increasingly important that the businesses they shop with act in an environmentally conscious way. According to a 2021 Deloitte survey, sustainability is a strong driving factor behind consumer behaviour, and remains a key consideration when choosing to purchase from a brand. Many customers now look for socially responsible businesses and are often willing to pay more for their products. 

Conversely, any environmental concerns may cause customers to stop using a brand’s products. One in three people surveyed claim to have stopped purchasing from companies altogether due to ethical or sustainability related concerns. 

5. Minimising risk from potentially harmful compounds

While it’s clear that the manufacture and disposal of plastic products has a detrimental effect on the environment, the complex blend of chemical matter can be harmful to humans as well. Microplastic particles contain hundreds of toxic substances, and when inhaled or ingested, they can cause adverse health issues. 

Instigate healthy practices in your business by switching to a bioplastic, biodegradable alternative whenever possible. Using certified plant-based products will eliminate any potential health risk and provide peace of mind that the product is non-toxic and allergen-free. 


When it comes to creating future-focused business practices, a zero-waste mindset will strengthen your company’s position at the forefront of your industry. Use of bioplastics is not only a better choice for the planet, it also improves the financial, social and environmental health of your business.